When scheduling an appointment for a tattoo, it guarantees you a specific time and date to be tattooed. All other inquiries for this block of time will be turned away in order to keep the appointment scheduled for you. Because our time is limited, we ask before making any appointment be absolutely sure of your choice of tattoo design, and your availability for the date and time you agree to.

We DO NOT issue refunds for ANY deposits taken, for any reason. Please read overALL information provided here BEFORE MAKING A DEPOSIT PAYMENT. Deposits cannot be carried over to another artist. The deposit will be subtracted from the final appointment on all larger tattoo projects requiring more than one session.

  • The total tattoo deposit required to hold your appointment will be based on the amount of time reserved on the artist’s schedule, at the rate of $25 per hour reserved; with a minimum deposit of $50.  Ex: If your tattoo is estimated to take 4 hours, your deposit would be $100.

  • Any changes to the tattoo design may result in a change to the  agreed price.

  • The artist has the right to reschedule the appointment.

  • All deposits will be used for the specific tattoo project only, and cannot be carried over to a new project. Design preparation takes time, and changes to your design should not be made after you appointment has been set. Be sure of your design, and the direction you discuss with your artist before setting an appointment. Failure to keep your scheduled appointment may result in forfeiture of your deposit.

  • The deposit usually covers approx. 1/3 of the actual quoted cost. When a client cannot follow through with the scheduled appointment, and the deposit is lost, the artist also loses money for the lost tattooing time and time spent creating the design. We have found this is the most fair policy for artists and clients, as we share the loss if you cannot make your scheduled date.

  • If you cannot keep your scheduled tattoo appointment, please notify the shop at least 48 hours in advance. Always give our staff advanced notice if there are any issues that may prevent you from keeping your scheduled appointment. Doing so may allow more options for a smooth reschedule and no loss of deposit. Deposits will be credited ONLY if the available time slot can be filled by another appointment.  The more advance notice you give, the better the chance that your deposit will remain in good standing.

  • Only 2 reschedules may be made by the client within 6 months of original appointment date before the deposit is void.

  • When the deposit becomes void, a new deposit is required before any appointment rescheduling or to keep any future appointments that may have been previously set.

The following will void your deposit:

  • Not showing up for an appointment.  

  • Cancellation of appointment less than 48 hours prior to appointment time. 

  • More than 20 minutes late to appointment.

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